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Solar Power Systems for Businesses

Reduce Power Expenses for
Your Company

Cut down on electricity expenses for your business while doing your part to run more sustainably. It makes both economic and environmental sense.

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Long-Term Support

Keep your business running with reliable power from the sun. Our long-term maintenance services will ensure your solar power systems will operate with top reliability and efficiency.

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Our Process: Easy and Reliable

Get a consultation for your commercial use and have installation start within weeks. Customize your solution to fit your needs. Commercial options include total ownership of your system, power purchase agreements, off-grid installations, and more.


On-Grid Power Purchase System

The most convenient and budget-friendly way to get reliable energy, with only monthly payments required. With our solar power system integrated into your building, Khmer Energy Solution will take care of all operation and maintenance. 

Our Plans & Services

See which solar power package works best for your company. Get started today.​​

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