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Custom Solar Power Systems 

Customize for the Right Fit

Tell us what you need and our engineers will design the perfect solution for you. Khmer Energy provides a range of solutions that fit homes and businesses of all sizes.

Total Ownership, Reap the Savings

Own 100% of your solar power system so you can reap the rewards of your investment. Through savings on electricity bills, most of our customers make back their investment after only a few years.

Easy and Reliable

Get your solar power system running on your home within weeks. Our long-term maintenance services will ensure your home’s electricity will continue to run reliably and efficiently for you.

Want to save on electricity bills without ownership of equipment? Sign up for a solar power plan instead by clicking here.

Fact Sheet

Get more information about how each aspect of our solution will fit your needs.

Solar Panel Installation

All our solutions come with solar panels that will fit on the part of your building that gets the most sunlight. These panels use photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into electricity, and come in different sizes to generate the right amount of power for you.


Solar-Powered Swimming Pools

Using solar power, our water pump systems for swimming pools circulate flow and filter water while saving on electricity bills. Suitable for private homes, large housing estates, or public swimming pools.

Solar panels from Cambodia (touched up).

Battery Power Storage Units

Our battery units store excess power generated by your solar panels so you can have access to electricity even at night.

swimming pool.jpg

Solar-Powered Water Pumps for Farmers

Farmers can use our solar-powered water pump systems for off-grid solutions that deliver fresh water. Our engineers will find the right solution for you based on your location and business needs. Suitable for: Irrigation systems to water cash crops, and pumps to deliver drinking water for farming livestock.

Off-Grid Systems

Home solar.png

Access electricity no matter where you are, without connecting to a power grid. Batteries up to 100 kWh can store energy to power appliances like fans, lights, pumps, and more.

Solar Pumping Irrigation System

On-Grid Systems

Mall solar.png

Integrate your solar power system into your building, even if you are already connected to your city’s electricity grid, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Solar Pumping Pool System


Experience ease of mind with reliable, solar-powered energy to power your water pumps. Use solar water pumping for all your irrigation needs. 

Swimming pool.png

Use solar power for your swimming pool's water pumps for reliable, clean energy at a low cost. 

Service Package Comparison







Water Pumps


20 kWh

60 kWh

90 kWh and above




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