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Pricing Model for Solar Power System Installations


System Ownership

Upfront Payment

Monthly Payment


Monthly Lease

No upfront cost

Khmer Energy

No upfront payment

To Khmer Energy


PPA Model

Low upfront cost

Khmer Energy

No upfront payment

To Khmer Energy


Full Purchase

Own your system outright


Full system cost


Monthly Loan

No upfront cost

Own your system


By loan support

To loan provider

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Business Model

Off-Grid Systems

Home solar.png

Access electricity no matter where you are, without connecting to a power grid. Batteries up to 100 kWh can store energy to power appliances like fans, lights, pumps, and more.

Solar Pumping Irrigation System

On-Grid Systems

Mall solar.png

Integrate your solar power system into your building, even if you are already connected to your city’s electricity grid, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Solar Pumping Pool System


Experience ease of mind with reliable, solar-powered energy to power your water pumps. Use solar water pumping for all your irrigation needs. 

Swimming pool.png

Use solar power for your swimming pool's water pumps for reliable, clean energy at a low cost. 

Solar Power Plans

Only pay a monthly bill for your electricity consumption. No equipment purchase required. Reduce your total electricity bill with energy generated by our solar panel systems, which would cost you 20% less per watt.

Custom Solar Power Systems

Build a system that is the perfect fit for your home or business. Our engineers will build a solution that you can own 100% so you can reap the benefits of your long-term investment.


Suitable for homes, Commercial use, Agriculture farms (crop or livestock), Water pump systems (pools or irrigation)

Operation and Maintenance Services

Keep your life running with reliable power from the sun. Our long-term maintenance engineers will perform check-ups and fixes to ensure your solar power systems operate with top reliability and efficiency.

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